2009-05-13 19:34:24 by iamnoir

Brawl taunts 3 came out, and i gotta say it wasn't quite up to par in my opinion. I mean the acting was good, as was the script and the animation. I mean i read the script like two months before its release, and it seemed really funny. I think the jokes just werent pulled off right. IDK, maybe the timing was bad

I'm ecstatic

2008-12-08 05:18:11 by iamnoir

Well, As the title indicates
You know why? Because I'm going to be the voice actor for lucario in Brawl Taunts Three



2007-12-24 22:24:30 by iamnoir

This is the profile i will use from now on on NG, I used to be flamingsquirl and some of my acting will be credited as such but NO MORE

I am a voice actor and ready to serve, if you want to know about me visit my resume, its posted on this page as my website